I,  Webmaster LeRoy receive postal crates filled to the brim [thanks to wonderful customers like YOU] daily.

As a direct result of receiving the good, BAD, and in some cases the ugly pieces of mail I thought I would use this forum to put all of our mailing pieces to the test.

Herbert Spencer was a mail order pioneer.  He gave us many suggestions for selling by mail and most of them are still in use today. 

Perhaps one of the most important thoughts he left us concerns "keeping it simple."  And he summed it up quite well when he wrote:  A reader or listener has at each moment but a limited amount of mental power available. 

To recognize and interpret the symbols presented to him requires part of this power; to arrange and combine the images suggested requires a further part; and only that part which remains can be used for realizing the thought conveyed. 

Hence, the more time and attention it takes to receive and understand each sentence, the less time and attention can be given to the contained idea...and the less vividly will that idea be conceived." 

Mr. Spencer was so right.  It is true that readers of our sales literature may become "lost" in reading "wordy" letters and circulars.

Most Americans are in a hurry today, for a variety of reasons.  You may catch their attention with your offer but they are only going to spend so much time reading your sales material. 

So, keep it brief.  Use only as many words as necessary to get your point accross.  No more and no less.  After you have written your material, go over it again and again.  "Boil it down" to as few words as possible and be sure to make it very easy to read.

Webmaster LeRoy asks PLEASE include your PRINTED name and address in the following format:

PO BOX 123

We dealers and publishers receive many pieces of mail and we would love to respond to your orders & requests, however, we must know who you are to respond to you.  XYZ Enterprises is not enough.  Many times the post office returns this mail to us and you think we have kept your order or request all because you refused to give us YOUR REAL NAME.  This is mail order folks if you don't want your name and address to be known - SORRY but you are in the wrong business.

Finally, many of us doing business by mail run many different offers and prices on the same service, please clip the article or offer you are responding to.  If you don't want to cut the ad make a 10 cent copy of it and send us the copy highlighted.  You will be AMAZED at how quickly this speeds up your orders and requests.

Thank You For Reading & Learning
"Another Creation"
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Webmaster, LeRoy
Where Do You Want To Go From Here?

Where Do You Want To Go From Here?

Thank You For Reading!
Webmaster LeRoy
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