"Wow! Not only do I get super tools to help me profit more online - but you also have given me unrestricted rights to resell and profit from this package and I thank you very much!"

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From The Desk Of: Webmaster LeRoy

Dear Online Webmaster/Business Owner & Affiliate,

Have you opened up a web business and found yourself faced with the task of getting web site traffic and orders?  Are you finding this hard to accomplish?  If so, don't worry because 75% of webmasters are sitting in the same boat with ya! Our new software package is just what you need.

I was totally amazed when I realized that simple tools and CGI scripts could help me make more money, gain more web site traffic and succeed online!  There are many ways to spell your own success on the web but Let's face it... without the right tools to market your web sites, you might as well pack your bags now!  As webmasters, we need to innovatively market our web business, stay on top of keywords, submit our websites to search engines, create ad copy that gets through the eMail filters, and more!  (As if running a website isn't hard enough already!!)

Introducing ..Super Sales Booster Software Package!

I created the Super Sales Booster software package for webmasters who need to have the most effective marketing tools at their fingertips...the tools that REALLY gets the job done!!  Our new software package is made up of over 30 software titles, CGI scripts and eBooks geared specifically for webmasters who need to productively market their businesses.

Whether you are a seasoned-webmaster or a complete newbie, this package is going to help YOU.  

The titles in the Super Sales Booster software package covers all of the bases for every webmaster including:

  • Search engine submission
  • IP Message Blasting
  • Google Keywords Monitoring
  • Spam filter trigger word checking
  • Ezine ad blasting
  • Name Branding
  • Viral Marketing
  • and more!


  • Good Keywords - Monitor the most popular keyword searches on Google in real time.
  • Googlemon - Another tool to monitor the most popular keywords on Google for any given day.
  • Name Brand Syndicator - Name branding is absolutely EVERYTHING on the Internet. You want people to automatically recognize your name and visit your website. With this nifty program- you can do just that...easy and newbie-friendly!
  • Filter Buster Pro Ad Center V. 2 -Whether you know about it or not ISP spam filters are ruining your business by not allowing your eMail messages to be sent to your clients simply because of silly words that ANYONE would write in normal conversations! Our Pro Software center will check your eMails for the trigger words that set off ISP eMail filters and comes with added functionality such as Profit-Producing headlines, sample sizzling' ad text, and more!
  • Traffic Spyder V. 1 - Do you participate in traffic exchanges? Do you hate keeping up with all of the urls that you need to click on in order to earn credits? This software will take all of your exchange urls, wrap them all in to ONE html page, and will rotate them automatically while you are surfing on the net!  This is a great way to bring in massive traffic ...effortlessly!
  • Ezine Ad Blaster - Ezine advertising is still one of the most effective forms of marketing today. With this software you can blast your ads for free and within minutes to hundreds of thousands of opt-in readers! What a great addition to any marketing plan!
  • Webmaster Productivity Package - This is the ULTIMATE in webmaster productivity packages! With this software, you can download over 321 Super CGI Scripts, software, ebooks and DESIGNER html templates - all with resell rights!  Also comes with an optional stormpay randomizer for $15.00 INSTANT payments!!
  • Hit Explosion Traffic Exchange With 5 Tier Affiliate Program+ReBrander- If you like the targeted visitors that traffic exchanges can give you, then you'll absolutely love this package.  Download the brandable ebook and insert your own affiliate url for viral marketing success!  Each referral earns you MORE FREE credits!!!
  • Site Submitter Wizard Software - We all know the importance of submitting our web sites to the search engines..but did you know that is necessary to resubmit your site once every 30 days? It's true! With this software, you'll be able to submit your web site to the top 40 search engines with just a couple of clicks of the mouse!
  • IP Message Blaster - If you are a Windows XP user, then you probably already know what IP pop up ads are.  This handy software program will take your text ads and automatically pop them up on the computer screen of  Windows XP users who are online. There's nothing they can do about it..and since the ads go straight to their computers - there's ZERO chance of spam complaints! Talk about results!!


Order Tonight Before Midnight and Receive The Following Free Bonus:

Free Bonus Gift ($197.00 Value) MASTER RESELL LICENSE With your purchase today you will receive Master Resell Rights absolutely free for this incredible software! Most resellers will only sell you the software...if they do offer resell rights, they are very limited in what you can do AND they charge you TOO much for them! With Filter Buster, you will be able to pay for our software /w/ MASTER resell rights without breaking your piggy bank! Make your money back on it with just one sale to your clients! (Master resell rights means that you can transfer the same rights to YOUR clients!) NO RESTRICTIONS!

Order Tonight Before Midnight and You Will ALSO Receive The Following Free Bonuses:

  • Affiliate Mask - Defend your affiliate links and increase your profits!
  • Click Bank Power Tools - Power tools for every click bank user!
  • eBay Entrepreneur - Learn how to sell on eBay!
  • eZine Profits Producer - Want an ezine? Learn how to profit from them!
  • EZ Ebay HTML Ad Builder - Build your eBay html ads with ease!
  • How To Install CGI - Ever wanted to learn? This simple guide teaches you!
  • iAffiliate_v1f - Affiliate tracking script for your web site.
  • iComplete_v1b - Complete Safelist Script for your web site.
  • iFFA_v3 - Complete FFA Script for your web site!
  • iFantasy3_v1d - A cool pick 3 lotto script for your web site!
  • iMailingList_PRO - A mailing list/newsletter script for your web site!
  • iPaid4Clicks_v1 - A pay-4-clicks script for your web site!
  • iPaidEmail_v1c - A pay-4-email script for your web site!
  • iRebilling_PRO - Run your own membership site with this script for your site!
  • iReplikate - An MLM script for your web site!
  • iSafeList_v2 - Another great safelist script for your web site!
  • superaffstrategies - Learn how to market affiliate programs like the big dogs!
  • traffic_wizard - Take your traffic to a whole new level!
  • safelistmagic - Learn how to work the safelists to your advantage!

That's over $400.00 in FREE BONUSES! WOW!!

I have chosen the pricing structure because I know and understand the limited budgets most online entrepreneurs are dealing with. I'm not here to rob you of your hard earned money - I am simply asking a price to cover my development time!   

If you order right now..today...by midnight...You'll not only get the Super Sales Booster Package with Master Resell Rights AND bonuses, but you can get it for only $19.00! That's it! $19.00 and the complete package is YOURS!  Make just ONE sale to a customer and make your money back!

Most software creators are greedy and require you to purchase their product at an outrageous price PLUS pay an extra fee for resell rights. Not here! With your purchase, you get full and unrestricted master resell rights to the entire Super Sales Software Package and each product found within!!!

  • Sell it on ebay!
  • Give it away to your members or subscribers!
  • Include it in your membership web site!
  • Sell it for super cheap!
  • It's up to YOU! WOW!!


110% Money Back Guarantee

Your Satisfaction is 110% Guaranteed!  If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with this eBook on CD we will honor a 30 Day Exchange Only Policy.  Due to the nature of the product, no refunds will be issued to protect ourselves and our associates from the few unscrupulous individuals who may intentionally order and duplicate the CDs and return them asking for a refund.


- Master Resell Rights Package -

With the Master resell rights package you get :
  • The Pre-Made Sales Letter & Graphics
  • The Order Thank You Page
  • The Rights To Sell The Software And Keep All The Cash PLUS pass the same rights on to your clients!

I urge you to purchase the Super Sales Booster Package today to ensure the future of your online activities. It doesn't matter whether you are an eZine publisher, the average marketer, a business owner, or a webmaster -- you need to have this product at your side!

This Product Will Be Sent To You On A CD!

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Best of Success,

Webmaster LeRoy

P.S.- Improve your sales today ! Remember that this software is brand new, never been circulated before! Purchase your copy today before the masses do and make 100% of the money from any sales that you make!

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