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Dear Friends,

Selling information is one of the most established and most powerful businesses in our information society.

With the continuing growth of the internet revolution, selling information in electronic form offers you out standing profit opportunities. You can provide people with valuable information and earn yourself 1000's of dollars in the process.

The objective of this ebook is to provide you a collection of carefully selected money-making information that can help you start and succeed in your business, whatever it may be.

Most important of all, this material will take you one step ahead of the conventional info-by-mail business. This material will show you how to sell information in ELECTRONIC FORM!

Information in electronic form has quickly become one of the hottest selling products. Recent figures indicate that over a billion dollars worth of books are sold by mail every year. The easiest way to profit from this expanding market is to provide customers with valuable information they can put to immediate use. Many publishers are pulling in a fortune by selling useful publications right out of their own homes.

Selling information, either in printed form or in electronic form, allows you to start on a shoestring and quickly reinvest your earnings. Some information marketers have been known to start with less than $100 and have quickly gone on to build million dollar businesses.

You can start your business all by yourself. Not having to hire any employees will save you time, effort, money, and bureaucratic government regulation. As you will soon see, no special education or skills are required. In fact, by using this ebook, you will probably know more about the industry than most of the people out there.

Here is a partial categories list:

  • Information Marketing
  • Computer Tips
  • Internet
  • On-Line Ads
  • Business Ideas
  • Assorted Reports
  • VideoBiz
  • Business Opportunities
  • Directories Listings
  • Home-Based Business Ideas
  • E-Marketing Ideas
  • Projects & Reports
  • Tips
  • Advertising
  • Mail Order
  • Finance
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Infomercials

These complete, full length reports cover some of the most popular topics on a wide range of subjects. No matter what your interest, you are sure to find a report on the subject you need.

You will also get information on:

  • How to set up your business
  • What information to sell
  • How to obtain the information
  • Promoting
  • How to fill your orders
  • Listing of Company Services for
    • Credit Card Services
    • Voice Providers
    • 800 Number Providers
    • Copy Stores
    • Book Printers
    • Mailing List Companies
    • Direct Mail Associations
    • Direct Mail Trade Publications
    • Mailing & Office Supplies

Reprint & Sell The Reports & Publications For $3-$10 Each! Market them in printed form, either individually or in sets. They can be reproduced for pennies and sold for big profits. Use them! Sell them! Increase Your Profits!

Order today and start your information business!

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