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"Discover How To Instantly Create

Multiple Profit Streams For Your Site."

I am sure that by now you have already heard that in order to succeed online you will need your own product to sell.

You could always create your own product, but that takes time! You could always spend a few hundred dollars on reprint rights to any number of hot selling products out there.

You might even already have your own product.

You will soon discover that it is not a great idea to put all of your eggs in one basket. That is to say- eventually you will need more than one product of your own. Besides, you may already be backed up to your eyeballs keeping the product you already have updated.

So, we have deduced that not only do you need your own product- but you need more than one. Right?

Well, the solution I have is a simple one!

In fact I have compiled an incredible list of solutions! A powerful explosion in a nice, neat little package. :-)

Here is what you will get with Ebook Monster:


 You can spend a lot of time searching for free resources on the Internet. Save time with this ebook. Sells for $14.95  Information is the best way to make money on the net. Sell this ebook for 12.95!
  No fluff, no filler, just down to the point. Learn what works and what doesn't.  Learn to sell using online auctions. Plus a large directory of completely free auctions. Sells for $12.95
 Sometimes the free advertising is more effective than the paid advertising.  Never run out of product ideas again! Sell for $17.
 If you are running an online business you simply must have your own ezine. Learn all of the ins and outs.  Any one of these simple but effective techniques can boost your online business in no time! These tips are priceless! Sell for $14.95.
 Have all of your questions answered in this informative and to the point report.  Building traffic to your site is one of the hardest things you will ever do. How about a little help?
 The art of advertising. Learn to create killer headlines, words that trigger the best emotional response, and the ingredients of a good ad.  Information products are hot. Offer them through instant access and they are even hotter. Sell for $24.95
 You know how to write it, you know how to promote it- Do you now how to design it? Sell for $14.95   Interview with 9 top online marketers. Pick their brain for the answers you have been looking for. Sell for $37.

It is really simple. With this package you will be able to:

  • Have many products of your own to choose from.
  • Create multiple streams of income from your site.
  • Never again have to worry about what else to include with your other products.
  • Never have to worry about where your next product will come from.

I am offering you Ebook Monster for the introductory price of $47. You can resell this package as a whole, individually, or create new bundles from other products you may have. No additional fees are due to anyone else- ever!

If you order this package today you will also receive these additional resale rights:

Graphics pak: This is an incredible collection of 15 quick loading web sites, 15 ebook cover art templates, 15 irresistible background images, and 16 icon files for customizing your ebook packages. You can sell this package for $9.95- $19.95 Ingredients for Success: A mixture of Marketing Knowledge: Learn from almost 50 top income producing web masters what works and what doesn't. $37
Wow! I didn't think of that! Before you make a move online- check here first. $17 value. Conditioning your mind for Success Learn how to program your mind for business. $14.95 value

That is a total of 18 products with full resale rights! So what are you waiting for? You could have this incredible package on your desktop in seconds.

But I warn you: If you don't purchase Ebook Monster soon- your competition will be selling these products before you. Don't you think it might be wise to start selling these products before everyone else does?


Order now!

Above Price Will Increase at Midnight.  

.Thank You For Reading!
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