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eBook Authors Interviewed
"Get Ahead In Business! Read And Learn From The Pro's!"

"You are about to discover how to turn your eBook into a powerful, non stop, money- making machine, by reading and using the tips and advice from some of the bestselling eBook Marketers and E-Authors on the Internet

Dear Friend,

Have you ever been thinking about creating and selling your 
own eBook on line? 

Great! Selling eBooks on the Internet is one of the best and 
easiest ways to create an extra income.

However, it is not always clear which tools to use, or how to 
sell or distribute an eBook to get a lot of exposure -read sales...

Well, this is where "eBook Authors Interviewed" comes in. 

"eBook Authors Interviewed"
contains over 40 interviews 
with some of the best eBook Authors and Publishers on the 

Does the name Jimmy D. Brown ring a bell? 

Jimmy sells thousands of dollars in information products...

Or Tom Glander, from The Newbie Club? 

Tom has created one of the bestselling Newbie Manuals ever!

And what if you could get FREE marketing advice from Yanik 
, the young Internet Marketer who earned 50,000$ in 
his first six months by selling his very first product!

You will be able to implement Yanik's success tips in your own 
eBook business immediately... and this totally FREE! 

(Yanik normally charges $500.00 and more per hour for a one-
on-one consultation!!!)

Here are some of the other Interviewed eBook Authors:

  • Phil Wiley, from "All The Secrets"

  • Alex Sampson, author of "Pefectly Profitable Products"

  • Michael Southon, author of "The Ezine-Writer"

  • Alexandria K. Brown, the "Ezine Queen"

  • Dustin Struckman, author of "Building YOUR Automatic Money Machine!"

  • Eva Almeida, from "eBooks N' Bytes!"

  • Dennis Gaskill, aka Boogie Jack

  • Joe Vitale, successful copywriter, and author of "Advanced Hypnotic Writing"

  • David A. Eck, author of "The Official eBook Sales Guide"

  • Dirk Dupon, author of "Web Site and Ezine Promotion Made Easy"

  • Jim Edwards, author of "How to Write and Publish your own eBook... in as little as 7 Days" 

  • Etc...

Impressed with all these names? I would think so!

Can you imagine the wisdom that all these great authors have 
to share?

Here are some of the questions that were asked in "eBook 
Authors Interviewed":

- Why choose E-Publishing, and not traditional publishing?

- How long have you been writing and what got you started?

- Where did you got the idea for your E-book.

- What is, in your opinion, the best way to promote an E-book 
on the Internet? 

- Do you use any tools to make E-book creation or publishing 

- Do you think an E-book needs its own web site? And why?

- Do you have a word of wisdom for aspiring writers? 

- What was the most important thing you learned since you 
started publishing E-books?


But that's not all!

Inside "eBook Authors Interviewed" there are links to some 
of the most profitable eBook Affiliate Programs and Services, 
that will guaranteed make you money!

You'll also discover some of the best FREE Traffic Generating 
Services, that will help you to increase traffic to your Web Site 
or Sales Page, plus you'll find out how to sign up much more 
Subscribers to your Ezine or Opt-In List... without lifting an 

And there's much more!

You can customize "eBook Authors Interviewed" for FREE 
with your own name and link to your own business!

And there's more!

You'll also receive a FREE COPY of the
"Success Secrets of 
Internet Supermarketers"

This is a compilation of Joel Christopher's seminar notes from 
the LIVE presentations of 18 Internet Marketing Experts at 
the "Internet Marketing Superconference" 2000 held in 
Las Vegas. 

People paid over $1,000 to be there... 

... but you can find out what they got in return... for FREE!

You can customize this excellent eBook with your own links, 
and then give it away to make money from it, 24/7!

Plus, when you register the book -this is also FREE- you'll get 
FREE Updates For Life, your personal
"eBook Starter Pack"
consisting of TEN eBooks valued at $154.00 to set up and sell 
from your own web site, plus a FREE COPY of the
Success Bookmarks"

(This is a unique list with all the marketing and promotion tools 
and services that I personally use to succeed with my eBook 

And there's still more...

You will also
discover "How To Get Reprint Rights To 
Products Without Paying A Dime!"

This is a
special report
coming with FULL reprint rights so 
you can sell it at the full price
from your own web site and 
keep all the money
in your own pocket! 

Also included in "eBook Authors Interviewed" is a FREE 
4 Day eBook E-course; "How to write, create, promote 
and sell an eBook on the Internet"

This excellent course will give you all the details to set up 
your own profitable eBook business on the Internet.


... you'll find out how to sell the hottest eBooks, all with 
Ready Made Sales Pages and Graphics, eBooks that you 
can customize with your own affiliate links!


... you'll receive one of the best Internet Marketing Courses 
showing you "How to Sell 300% More of Your Product in 
72 Hours Than You Did All Month!". 

This incredible course is written by Jimmy D Brown, and is 
packed with  some of the most exciting and breathtaking 
marketing tips you'll ever read. Once you have read this 
course, you'll know exactly how to make  more profit from 
your eBook, Web Site or Ezine! 

Here are some of the contents:

  • 10 free resources that will improve the way you do 
    business online... and you can start using them today!

  • 7 keys that every successful web business has in 
    common that can practically guarantee your success!

  • 32 easy ways to breathe new life into any webpage 
    sales letter!

  • 55 unique ideas for generating instant traffic to your 
    web site!

  • How to purchase hot, turnkey web businesses for less 
    than $20 and then spiral them into your own information 

  • How to get a FREE copy of the web's FIRST viral 
    marketing software without spending a penny on 
    registration fees!


... you have access to 2 popular brandable eBooks that you 
can customize with your own affiliate links, to give away and 
make more money!

You see, "eBook Authors Interviewed" is much more than a  
simple collection of outdated information. 

Order your copy today and you will discover all the secrets of 
making huge profits with eBooks.

"eBook Authors Interviewed" gets right to the point. 

You can start putting the tips in action as soon as you have 
finished the read!

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Now, what about the price for all 
this unique information?

ONLY $12.95!


. Above Price Will Increase at Midnight.  

.Thank You For Reading!
Webmaster LeRoy


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