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The following programs are all included with the East Selling Software package! All programs come with resell rights, so you can sell or use them any way you like:

Backup Pro, easy to use backup  program...

  • You can use the built in timer to schedule a back-up in for any time you wish.
  • Backup Pro Can back-up any amount of folders and files, that are anywhere on your system.
  • Backup Pro can copy the files to another location and zip them if you wish.
  • For additional security Backup Pro Will even password protect the zipped files too.

Banner Buddy

  • Quickly Generate Banner/Text Link HTML!
  • With a few mouse clicks, you can turn text and graphics into "clickable" links to your web site.
  • HIDE affiliate links while visitors do "mouseovers".
  • Also creates text under the banner. Easily creates text links as well.
  • Banner Buddy is so easy to use anyone, even beginners, will have no problem using it...

Domain Alarm

  • Know Instantly When Your Website Is Down!
  • Can run at startup
  • Can check domains at various intervals
  • Set for multiple domains
  • Popup in your system tray to alert you
  • Sends an email alerting you
  • Will launch your site to show it is down
  • Right click icon in system tray and check site(s) anytime


NEW Marketing Revolution!

  • Send your advertising message to millions of people instantly!
  • Target your advertisement geographically!
  • Advertising message on someone's screen, the second you send it!
  • Your advertisement message is instantly received and read, seconds after sending it
  • Shows your advertising message in the middle of someone's screen, on top of any other running applications
  • Allows you to target your message geographically, based on a list of IP ranges
  • Allows you to import your own list of IP's

SoftwarePak's Html Encryptor

  • Protect your webpage's html and graphics the easy way!
  • Quickly and effectively encrypt your entire website or just one page
  • Create backups as you encrypt and preserve your precious Meta Tags!
  • Keep others from viewing your source code!
  • Prevent printing, offline viewing, caching, disable right clicking, text selection, hide your links, and you can even choose what you want it to say in the status bar!
  • Make your site only accessible from a referrer

Quik Site

  • "Quik Site" will shrink your HTML files size by applying modern and very effective compression techniques.
  • Can compress your web pages up to 90% (up to 10 times smaller than the original file), so your users that have a dialup connection would be downloading your HTML files at almost DSL speed!!!
  • Imagine downloading your web pages in a real DSL connection, it would be almost immediate!
  • Nno special plugin or software that your users need to install.
  • The compressed web pages have self-extracting features.
  • "Quik Site" also features two different compression methods, high security password protection of your web pages, automatic backup of HTML files in Quik Site backups folder, and the ability to preserve the meta tags of your files.
  • Speed up your site and make your users happy with this valuable tool?

Quik Zip + eZy Unzip

  • INCREDIBLY simple to use. The software allows you to zip either files or folders with ease.
  • This is NOT an evaluation version and doesn't come with any annoying "Nag" screens!
  • Order now and receive a copy of the Ezy Unzip software, Master Resell Rights, and another beautifully designed webpage!
  • You can sell both Quik Zip and Ezy Unzip together or separately and keep 100% of the profits!

Redirect Boss

  • Easily Create Domain-Name Based Redirect Scripts
  • No Programming Knowledge Required
  • Multiple Domains - One Hosting Account
  • Perfect for Mini-Sites Full Royalty Free Resale Rights

Screen Shoot-It

Screen Shoot-It is a simple and easy to use program that will easily capture screenshots from your computer.

  • Captures the last active screen, full screen or user selected area.
  • Numbers each picture consecutively.
  • Creates jpeg images.
  • Capture the entire screen, active window or select what you want!


Website Toll Booth

Analyze Your Web Traffic like Never Before!

  • EASY to use/EASY to install website script that gives you all the information about your web traffic that most web hosts don't provide.
  • The advanced visit logs tell you: IP Addresses, Language, Browser, Operating System, Is User New To site?, Date and Time, Last Visit, Days Since Last Visit, Referrer Page, Keywords Used To Search.



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