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100% Pure Profit eBooks, Software and Pro Scripts!
YOU can sell these digital infoproducts individually ... or as a complete package. YOU will keep 100% of every sale!


Best Secrets Package

Dec. 2004!


"Now, YOU Can Instantly OWN
Master Resale Rights
to A Million-Dollar Information Products
Business to Get As Much Money As You Need... And Get It Without Borrowing!"

You Are About To Discover How You Can "Snap-Up" a Professional, In-Demand 100% Pure Profit Web Business
(valued in excess of $12,957.76)

for an "unbelievable" small once-only payment!

YOU can sell these hot, new, digital infoproducts individually,
or as a complete package!

YOU will keep 100% of every sale!

...and I'll even let you use a copy of THIS website!

It's NO secret... There are only 4 Keys
to making money on the Internet:

1) You’ve got to have a valuable product to sell...

With the Best Secrets Package™ Deluxe you'll get an endless supply of Top Quality Money Making Products, including the 'Hottest' and 'Latest' money making downloadable eBooks, software, professional scripts, audio and video productions, reports and guides that have already proven to be top sellers!

2) You’ve got to have a Website that sells your product...

The Best Secrets Package™ Deluxe provides this sales website (...and 3 other alternative web sales templates) to resell this product! Further, 95% of the individual products included within the package includes a professionally designed and powerfully written website and/or sales copy by Top Internet Marketers to help you sell that particular product. You will even receive 'FREE' web hosting should you need space to operate your new infoproducts business.

3) You’ve got to know how to promote your Website...

The Best Secrets Package™ Deluxe will provide you with ALL of the products, tools and resources you will ever need to guide and teach you how to advertise and promote your website(s) to generate traffic and ongoing sales.

4) You’ve got to accept credit card orders online...

With the many online payment processors to date, such as PayPal and ClickBank, this is a breeze. It is recommended that you use an online processor to automate your Best Secrets Package™ Deluxe business. Simply establish a business account with the one(s) of your choosing and start selling.

"Webmaster LeRoy, I don't think I have ever seen so many e-books, scripts and marketing material all in one place. Are you sure I have resell rights to all of these packages? If so, if I can't make money with this package I will need to throw in the towel."  
Steve, DataWord Media Services

YOU Can Create Multiple Streams of Income
from a "One-Time" only purchase!

With the many online payment processors to date, such as PayPal and ClickBank, this is a breeze. It is recommended that you use an online processor to automate your Best Secrets Package™ Deluxe business. Simply establish a business account with the one(s) of your choosing and start selling.

"I, Webmaster LeRoy am asked where can I buy the package eBooks you list on your website daily.  How can I download them for my customers I'm a Rookie not a techie like you.  Well, this webmaster has excellent daily success very similar to the chart listed below and you can too.  By utilizing the products already provided for you in the Best Secrets Package. - Guess the "secrets" out.  Get onboard there is enough internet customers for all of us to enjoy, but only if you have the Best Secret Package to offer your customers.

Webmaster LeRoy,

YOU Can Create Multiple Streams of Income
from a "One-Time" only purchase!


NO Extra Costs... NO Monthly or Membership Fees!


Here's what you'll receive with your
Best Secrets Package™ Deluxe Purchase:


  • 100% Master Resale Rights  to well over 125+ hot, new software products packages and scripts, most with their own professionally-designed sales-ready "order-pulling" website!


  • 100% Master Resale Rights  to 200 plus in-demand eBook packages, each with it's Plug 'N Go professionally-designed sales-ready "order-pulling" website! Many of these packages also include multiple eBook products, each with it's own Plug 'N Go professionally-designed sales-ready "order-pulling" website for resale.


  • 100% Master Resale Rights  to this customizable website (...and 4 other alternative web sales templates), that sells the complete Best Secrets Package™ Deluxe all in one!


  • 100% FREE Upgrades for Life!  More digital infoproducts added to the Best Secrets Package™ Deluxe on a regular basis, and "new" Sales Templates to accommodate the additions at NO extra cost to you.


  • 100% FREE Use of the BSPD Master Downloads Center!
    You receive upon purchase your very own copy of the Best Secrets Package™ Deluxe Master Downloads eBook, to download products for personal use or resale as you choose. You also get to pass along this master document to your customers after they've paid YOU in full. We maintain and host ALL product downloads (in excess of 289MB of zipped files) on our servers at NO extra cost to you or your customers.


Webmaster LeRoy, "I recently purchased your Best Secrets Package, which I think is fantabulous! Thank you so much! ...I'm planning to resell some of these, but in the meantime, I'm enthusiastically gobbling up all the great info in these ebooks myself!"  
Kristy Dark, Coyote Fire


Because everything in this infoproducts package is digital and downloadable, it costs you absolutely ZERO to re-produce and deliver these eproducts!

So YOU get to keep the full 100% of every sale!

What other business delivers a 'profit margin' like that?

And there is absolutely no limit to the number of copies you can sell!

BSPD Sales Projection Chart...

Pkgs. Sold






























NOTE: The above projections do not include sales of individual items which
you have full access and resell rights to.

Starting your own 100% Pure Profit million-dollar online business simply doesn't get any easier than this!

Look at all the sizzling-hot products with
master resale rights included in the
Best Secrets Package Deluxe

Sell them all packaged together like this, or sell any of them
individually's entirely up to YOU!

  • Click Magnet Software

  • Bookmark Reward System

  • EasyPDF Toolkit

  • FloatingAds Creatorô

  • Filter Buster Version 2

  • Traffic Spyder V. 1

  • The Gold Collection from AX Gold Software

  • Link Check Generator

  • eLinkPro Reciprocal Linking Software

  • Scripts2Sell

  • The Forum List

  • Ads Rotator

  • RSS Publishing Made Easy

  • Guerrilla Marketing Web Journal Basic Training

  • My Discount Vault

  • 597 Ready To Use Sales Letters and Business Forms

  • NewsGenie Pro Advanced Newsletter Publishing System

  • Ewen Chia's Website Conversion Secrets

  • Raymond McNally's Easy List Cleaner

  • EzyLinkExpire PHP Script

  • The Webmaster's Guide To Creative Internet Marketing

  • Super Sales Booster Package

  • WebMarketing 101 eGuide

  • Fast Site 55 + 13 Professional Templates

  • 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

  • Blog In A Box Script Package

  • Live Help Script

  • ScriptJungle Script Package

  • Auction Sources Big Book

  • Proven Pricing Secrets

  • The AX Gold Webmaster's Tool Kit

  • Submit-A-Link

  • Doorway Express

  • Webmaster's Profit Pak

  • 3x3 Matrix Money Script

  • AllTheTraffic SuperSurf

  • Autoresponder Unlimited

  • Website HitchHiker

  • Instant Cover Graphics

  • Start Page Robot

  • The Genie's URL Rotator System

  • 3 Way Pay -- PayPal & StormPay Affiliate Script

  • The 30 Minute Marketing Miracle

  • PayPal PayLock Generator

  • Ultimate Budget Web Hosting Guide

  • iComplete iFFA v2 Network

  • Yigel's Exit Exchange System

  • Web Templates To Go

  • Instant PDF Templates

  • CrazEMailer

  • Auction Ad Designer PRO

  • Virtual eBiz

  • The eBook 2003 Reseller Package

  • Mike Chen's Web Army Knife

  • Complete Profit Pulling Safelist Kit

  • 3-Minute Headlines

  • Ezy Ezine Ads Formatter

  • Ezine Ad Blaster
  • Perpetual Traffic Generator

  • The Embarrassingly Simple Way I Grabbed the #1 Position in Google...

  • Free Ezine-Ad Submitter

  • Instant WebMaster Video Set

  • Jim Cockrum's eBay Marketing Secrets

  • How To WIN The War of Internet Marketing

  • 21 Days To A Profit Explosion

  • Vend-O-Matic

  • Ezine Success

  • HTML Code Guard

  • Instant Meta Maker

  • Become a Super Affiliate

  • Ezine Ad Solutions 2003

  • Web Marketing Explained

  • Auto Safelist Sender v2.1

  • Internet Profits - The QUICK Way

  • Automatic Money Machine

  • Achieving Lift Off

  • Instant Internet Empires

  • How To Create 'Killer' Mini-Sites

  • "Free To Sell" Package

  • Secrets of the E-Bay Power Sellers

  • eBay Sources Exposed

  • The 3-Day "Fast Cash" System

  • Complete Affiliate Link Protection System

  • Jim Wilson's E-Bay Secrets

  • Classified Ad Promoter

  • Ezine Advertising FACTS

  • Down & Dirty Guide to High Profit Web Business

  • Alex Mandossian Reveals All

  • Gary Shawkey's Secrets

  • Web Site Tips & Tactics

  • Secrets of Top Affiliate Marketers Exposed

  • Instant Affiliate Link Masker

  • Instant eMail Scramble

  • PayPal Money-Making Safelist Script

  • Instant Meta-Tag Creator

  • Redirect Boss

  • Affiliate Defender

  • Black Belt Web Marketing

  • Million Dollar Emails

  • Autoresponder Magic

  • Website & Ezine Promotion Made Easy

  • Ready-Made 5-Day and 10-Day Email Autoresponder Courses

  • Ebook Reseller Kit

  • Press Release-O-Matic

  • "Millionaire Maker" Turn-Key Web Businesses

  • Pop-Up Generator

  • Jimmy Brown's Marketing Secrets & Profit Pulling Package

  • Instant Bookmark

  • Ebooks 'Monster Package'

  • Affiliate Armor

  • JavaScript Magic

  • Traffic Jamô

  • $1,000 In FREE Targeted Hits

  • Reprint Rights Magic

  • Free For All Profits

CLICK HERE for graphic listing and brief product descriptions.

CLICK HERE for graphics and brief definitions of most recent package additions.

"You Will OWN master resale rights to ALL
of the Products Above!"


BonusesYou will get ALL of the below money-making
"Webmaster BONUSES" with your purchase:

  • Viral Marketing PRO...

  • WebTool Wizards...

  • 7 Steps To Setting Up Your Online Business...

  • Isell Classifieds...

  • 30 "Short But Powerful" Business eBooks...

  • Webmaster Video Products...
    Instant Webmaster Set, Automatic Money Machine, Instant Profit Websites

  • Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Creator...

  • Un-blockable Slideing Opt-in Creator...

  • Sales Doubler Website Personalization Script...

  • Joint Venture Letter Creator...

  • Turnkey Secrets Revealed...

  • Add Audio To Your Website Script...

  • Web Audio Player Video Tutorial...

  • 14 Point Web Copy Analysis of a Winning Site - Audio Ebook...

  • Website Flaw Special Report...

  • Web Traffic Secrets for 2004...

  • 99 Ways to Persuade People to Use Your Hypnotic Traffic Tools...

  • How I Threw $2,470.06 Down The Google Adwords Toilet...

  • The Top Ten Ways to Catapult Your Sales Using Web Audio...

  • CamStudio On Screen Video Recorder...

  • DVD Copy Suite v6.01...

  • DeepBurner CD and DVD Burning Package...

  • Pixel Ruler...

  • The Two Greatest Life Mentors of All Time eBook: Andrew Carnegie & Napolean Hill...

  • 30 Days to Internet Marketing Success!! (Intro)...

  • Stephen Pierce's Target Marketing Blueprint...

  • Secrets Revealed of A Successful Online Marketer - Willie Crawford Interviewed by Patric Chan...

  • Mike Chen's Biz-Automator...

  • How To Get Reprint Rights Without Paying A Dime...

  • 7 Ways to Double or Triple Your eBook Downloads...

  • Free PRO Software Bundle...
    Desktop Publishing, Drawing, Digital Imaging, 3D Design and Web Publishing


You also get full resale rights to every new product we add
to this package!

When the website gets an 'update', you will be emailed, and you will be welcome to use the updated website, should you wish to.


You Get A Website Just Like This One! Simply customize with your payment info, website and program links, upload it to your webhost and start taking orders!

"Webmaster LeRoy, Having spoken to you last week, I find myself writing again to congratulate you on BSVPv2. I don't think I've ever had such a brilliant and detailed explanation of anything as your "Customization", either on or off line, over here (UK) or in the States. More power to you!... Many thanks from a very satisfied customer. "  
Robin Webb,

You also get to pass on the website templates ( 5 ) to ALL of your customers!


We'll even let you use our Downloads Center to fulfill your orders for your customers ...if you wish.

There is no extra cost for this service... We are just making things as easy for you, and as hassle-free, as we possibly can.

Simply provide your customers the URL to download the Master Downloads eBook and you've fulfilled your orders! You keep 100% of every sale!

All of the digital products (Bonuses included) can be downloaded from the Master Downloads eBook, by you and your customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

"Webmaster LeRoy, I really can't believe how easily and fast these products sell.  I have made over $3,000.00 already. You have a real winner here!"  
Kris Stringham,

When you order TODAY, I will guarantee that you'll get this complete moneymaking   "Best Secrets Package Deluxe"  Professional, In-Demand 100% Pure Profit Web Business ...containing over $12,957.76 worth of digital infoproducts (over 289MB zipped)

...for an "amazing" one-time price!

If You Are Fearful/Scared

To Order Digital Products

PLEASE NOTE! DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS ITEM [Digital Delivery], no refunds will be issued to protect ourselves and our associates from the few unscrupulous individuals who may intentionally order and duplicate our products and then ask for a refund. Please note this is an excellent money making opportunity for YOU. Scan eBay, the internet, check others prices [if you can find this product] then make your purchase here for only $49.95, but beware if you come back and this product is no longer available you have our APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE they are moving quickly. THEREFORE ALL SALES ARE FINAL If you are fearful of ordering media products or information by mail then by all means pass on this offer. The DOWNLOAD LINK or Actual eBook will be emailed within 24 hours to the address you confirm this order with. - Webmaster LeRoy


Take full advantage of this "steal-of-a-deal" offer and start your own professional, 100% pure profit money-making "Million-Dollar Information Products Business"

...and create cash surges on demand,

Place your completely risk-free order NOW!

Get Started Today...

Only $49.95!

PayPal Purchase


After you order, you'll receive LIFETIME UPDATES via email of ALL future product additions and changes to the ever-growing Best Secrets Package Deluxe business opportunity... (provided you join our BSPD Updates List).


To your online prosperity,

Webmaster LeRoy
Contact Me!

P.S.  Selling information is the most profitable business of the modern world, and selling electronic information has proven to be the quickest and easiest way to make a lot of money using the internet. There is an astronomical demand for eBooks, software, pro scripts, reports, manuals, and guides of almost every imaginable kind... Since these products are easy to market and offer the type of profit margin that you should be looking for, you should consider this type of product.

Can you picture yourself making more money in a day than most people do in a week? All you have to do is set up a website and sell the products people want. The massive Best Secrets Package™ Deluxe makes it easy for you... and a reality. Click here and Place your order today!

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"Best Secrets Package™ Deluxe"
You simply won't find a better deal anywhere else
on the 'Net!

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential.  The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, donít apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.  Each individualís success depends on his or her dedication, desire and motivation.  As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. 

Thank You For Reading!
Webmaster LeRoy


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