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Dear Friend,

If you're always trying to improve most aspects of your life - from relationships and income to health and beauty then I'd like to take just 2 minutes of your valuable time. I promise you will not regret it, as I am about to offer you some of the most powerful self-help tips (over 400 ones in fact) to improve almost every aspect of your life including:

  • Success in life.

  • Health, fitness & diet.

  • Romantic & other relationships.

  • How to create instant wealth & save money.

Sometimes we all need direction in life - even if our lives are reasonably full and happy it is always nice to have something to refer to - a self-help "cheat sheet" if you like that can instantly remind us the important things in life, and exactly how we can go about achieving them. This is exactly what  400+ Self Help Power Tips is all about - inside you'll discover some real gems of wisdom and stunning life-tactics that you can implement today to greatly improve the quality of your life, your relationships & love life (some stunning stuff in this section), your ability to succeed (just one of these hundred tips could instantly put a lot of money in your pocket)...and much more. 

What if you could look at any aspect of your life and instantly find powerful tips to help you improve or change the problems you face? You see, the collection of advice, tips and strategies in this book will certainly make you a much better person as long as you apply them. In fact even one tip could significantly improve your life - it doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, the information in this incredible resource is in fact a guidebook to get the best out of every aspect of your life. Do you think that's something you could use? Or your family, partner or other loved ones could benefit from? 



The life tips, tricks and information contained here is something you will not find in any ordinary self help book. There is no clutter or "fluff" - the most important areas of our lives have been identified and each contains hundreds of instant, ready-to-implement strategies and tips to really improve our lives. Here are a few of the things you'll discover:


Success In Life, Business, Work & Education

  • How to discover what success actually means to YOU. It sounds strange but a lot of people go through life without even thinking about what they actually want to achieve. They complain about not having a nice job, not having enough money in the bank - but when asked about what success means to them they don't actually know! Find out how to determine what success means to you and how to go about achieving exactly what you want in all the areas of your life. There are ways to realise your potential and you'll finally understand how to do this.


  • Do you know how implementing some dead-simple "thoughts" as part of your daily life can bring about more success, joy and wealth than you ever dared imagine was possible? Wouldn't you like to know what these thoughts and attitudes are?


  • How having a plan is so important in your life - both a personal one and a business one.


  • How to stay motivated in whatever you do in life. Everyone who makes it "big" in life has a driving force behind them. You'll discover how to channel that same motivation for yourself to realise your dreams and where to turn to to get expert help to keep the fire of motivation burning brighter than ever.


  • Here's a tiny tip that you can use right now - "Go And FIND Opportunity - Don't Wait For Her To Find You!" - energy spent doing positive things reaps rewards and is never wasted. Discover how you can use this little technique to find more money-making opportunities and ideas than you know what to do with. 


  • Your Attitude has a lot to do with your success in life. Discover 2 lines of advice that could quite easily change the rest of your life and bring positive energy, success and money into your life.


  • One thing that almost every highly successful does for at least 10 minutes a day. Start doing this from tonight and watch the rewards throw themselves right into your life.


  • Why time management is important to your success.


  • Own a business or thinking of starting one? You'll find heaps of strategies and tips that are crucial to success.

Contains over 100 tips, strategies, suggestions and more to help you get all the success in your life that you ever hoped for. 


How To Enjoy Great Health, Get Into Shape And Stay That Way (While Having A LOT Of Fun)

  • Discover the tried, tested and safe ways of getting your body and mind in the best condition & shape it has ever been in (even if you're 77!). You'll learn all about techniques such as acupuncture, biofeedback, massage techniques and other highly recommended ways of dissolving stress and invigorating our bodies. If you have ever felt tired, weak or your body feels worn out you'll get a lot from the wealth of tips in this section.


  • Learn these easily implemented diet tips and lose weight, have more energy, extend your life and enjoy better health than you have ever had.


  • Do you know which delicious food sauces actually enhance your health while giving food more zest than the "fatty alternatives" best avoided? You will now.


  • The essential vitamin supplements that should be a part of your diet - and some dangerous ones that you should avoid!


  • Laughter, sleep and avoiding stress - why these three things can literally put years of quality on your lifespan.


  • Meditation, yoga and other techniques that should be a part of everyone's life. Get started today and enjoy a better quality lifestyle than ever before.


  • How to calculate your body fat (and some amazing ways to lose it while still eating delicious foods!)


  • This food is not only tasty but contains as much protein per ounce as red meat and reduces the risk of heart attacks by as much as 50%. Start nibbling on these treats today.


  • What's sweet, juicy, totally yummy...but still has a vital antioxidant that fights heart disease and cancer? You'll find out soon.


  • What delicious food should you be eating when you're either depressed or in physical pain? This food helps lift our mood and if you're in minor pain is a natural remedy.  


  • 99% of the population uses this everyday without knowing that it significantly speeds up the aging process. If you want to stay young you should avoid using this (or at least start using it less).


  • Have you heard of Flavonoids? These compounds found only in some natural foods can significantly cut your chances of developing cancers. You'll find out the right foods that you should be eating to minimise your cancer risks.


  • Do you suffer from puffy eyes? This condition is quite common yet can be treated easily and naturally - find out how easily it can be cured with these vitamins.


  • Discover several of the most powerful fitness and workout tips to tone your body into the best shape it's ever been in.

Contains over 100 tips, strategies, suggestions and more to help you eat healthily, enjoy a good body and to keep it that way.


How To Build & Develop Happy, Loving Relationships Even If You Don't Have A Partner (Yet!)

  • How to turn back the clock on your relationship so that your partner and you feel the same level of excitement and intrigue that you did when you first met each other.


  • One simple technique to make your partner see you in a very new, positive light (they will respond to you much better once you try this). 


  • The importance of personal space and surprises


  • Do this unpredictable thing and watch your partner instantly warm towards you.


  • How you can improve your communication with your partner, even if you are currently so at odds that the future seems hopeless. Good communication is important in every relationship and is something that every couple can work at. This could be the key to changing your relationship into something really wonderful.


  • Where can you plan that secret getaway to make your partner enjoy the most romantic time of their lives?


  • Always think "outside the box" with your relationships. Learn how to be impulsive in the most charming of ways to really pep up your romantic life. Learn some incredible tips on "special greetings", the "Just Because" strategy and some romantic thoughts and acts that wont cost you a penny but will have your partner purring with affection for you.


  • Men - some power-tips to make the woman of your life feel really special. Do this and your lady will love you more intensely than you ever thought possible. I bet right now you're not doing any of these things and your relationship isn't as great as it should be because of it. Put it right TODAY


  • Women - use these power-tips to make the man of your life feel really special. You probably had no idea that men need these you to do and say these things - now you do.  


  • Do you kiss


  • The importance of proper listening (that doesn't just mean you shut up and look at him/her while making diner plans in your head). 


  • Some "cheap as chips" ways of showing your partner that you love them. These small romantic things will make him/her feel very special (and I bet you'd never have come up with them on your own).


  • Buy this small box (it costs maybe a buck at most) and store these inside. Watch in a few weeks how it improves your relationship!


  • A very simple way to ensure that your lovemaking is as intimate, romantic and beautiful as it should be.


  • What to do when you argue - of course fighting occurs at least sometimes with all couples but it's very important in many ways that you should do this...


  • Are you simply rubbish at finding good gifts for your partner? Read this and you'll never struggle finding the perfect present again.

Contains over 100 tips, strategies, suggestions and more to help you develop a stronger and more loving relationship with your partner than you ever thought possible.

This is one resource that no person should ever be without. Make a positive step today and order this incredible book - just one of the 400 tips alone could make a massive impact on your wealth, health, relationship and happiness!


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