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"The Guide That Every New Or Expectant Parent Simply Cannot Be Without - The Baby Care Book Will Teach You Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About Your Newborns Crucial First Year Of Life!" 


Dear friend,

If you're a new (or expectant) parent then please take a few moments to consider this letter. I'm sure you know how important the first year of your child is, and as you're reading this you obviously want only the very best for your new baby. I'd really like to help you to give your child the healthiest and happiest start in life - and with the information, super-tips, and suggestions packed in this breakthrough new guide you'll be doing exactly that. Please stick around because you're about to learn some things that will have a profoundly positive impact on your child's entire life.

You see, the first year of your baby's life is more important than you could possibly imagine. There are factors that you can control that will determine your child's ultimate IQ, motor skills, vulnerability to diseases, mood...and so much more. Frankly I cannot believe that anyone could even try and raise a baby without knowing these 64 pages of incredibly important facts, tips, suggestions and resources. This is knowledge that no parent should be without.


Here Are Just A Few Of The Things That You'll Discover In The Baby Care Book...

  • The basic fundamentals of baby care including breast-feeding, diaper changing, bathing and lots  more must-know information.

  • The foods that a mother should eat (and avoid) during the breastfeeding period.

  • Why it is important to choose the correct Paediatrician and some key issues in helping you choose the right one for your baby.

  • Some of the things you can expect to see during the first few incredible days at home with your new baby.

  • What you must know about your baby's first cold and how to deal with it.

  • What will your baby's weight and height be when she grows up - and how she compares as an average of the country.

  • Crucial information regarding 8 absolutely important vaccines that your baby must take to prevent the diseases most common in a child's first few years of life.

  • How to develop your baby's language skills so that he starts talking at an earlier age.

  • Step by step guidance on one of the most important factors concerning your baby's health and development - his diet. Know exactly when to start including solid foods in your baby's diet, how to add fruits and vegetables with his meals and even when to include essential proteins which are a vital component of healthy growth. Detailed statistics and tables show you exactly how much food he should be eating, at what intervals broken according to his age by months.

  • Some little-known tips that you wont find anywhere else which will enable you to help your baby walk more easily than other babies, and that too without using any expensive toys or walkers.

  • The profound impact music has on your baby and how to use music to keep your baby happy and healthy.

  • What you can do to advance your baby's social skills so that he learns to socialise in the correct way from a young age.

  • A detailed chart will which tell you of motor skills development that your baby will reach on an average within the first one and a half years.

  • The things you can do to help your baby (and you) get a long and peaceful nights sleep.

  • What problems first-time mothers can expect after the birth process and what they can do to reduce them.


How The Baby Care Book Will Help Your Child To Start Talking Earlier

The above is just scratching the surface of what's inside The Baby Care Book - For example, did you know that babies understand speech long before they actually begin to talk? The Baby Care Book not only shows you ways of speeding up your child's vocal development but also explains exactly what those "oohs" and "ahh" noises that she makes actually mean - and how you should respond to them

Every parent wants to see their baby start to talk as early as possible - so you'll want to know the daily actions you simply must take to speed up his ability to talk. Research has shown that doing these simple things can significantly develop your baby's ability to communicate effectively. The Baby Care Book also details how, as each month passes, what additional things you can do to continually help him advance his newfound language skills (by month eleven you'll even know what kinds of words to include when you talk with him, and why this is so important). 


These Little Known Methods Will Help Develop Your Baby's Motor Skills And Co-ordination!  

From the moment your baby is born she will begin the process of developing the motor skills that are vital for her to take command of her environment. Inside this guide you'll discover exactly why it is so important that you continually interact with your baby - and the specific things that you can do to help her brain development. You'll also learn why some countries have banned the use of "walkers" and why you should never get one for your baby (this may shock you). You'll also learn 4 little known methods of developing your baby's motor skills, and the simple activities that she can do to further develop her co-ordination


Charts, Tables, Statistics, Super-Tips And More... 

The Baby Care Book is packed with references, tables, charts and tips - it's packed with 56 pages of pure information which is a complete goldmine for any new parent. There are also several charts, tables and statistics to make your understanding as easy and interesting as possible.


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