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Virtually everything worth knowing about any subject imaginable is now available on the World Wide Web and this is as true about every aspect of home business as it is about anything else. The only obstacle is the time, effort and expense required to search it all out - something that most of us simply don't have the inclination, time or patience to do.

The "good news" is that now we do not have to - for there are plenty of Internet boffins out there who seem to relish spending their every waking moment surfing the web! About 18 months ago shock waves rocked the business opportunity scene when some enterprising Web Surfer enlisted the services of a number of like-minded Internet enthusiasts to help him compile a CD-ROM which contained so much "how to "information that it would probably have taken months to read all of it. The disk features no less than 5,000 reports! Since then other CD-ROMs have been released and, although some I've seen have been less impressive than the original, they have all provided useful information.

However, I recently got news of a recently released CD-ROM which apparently was 5 years in the making. And I'm not at all surprised, for Lord knows how many "anorak" hours this one took to search out and compile, for THE BIG ONE contains a mind-blowing 30,000 reports - yes, THIRTY THOUSAND reports - several times more than all the "How To" disks I've seen put together! Needless to say I had no hesitation in putting in my order right away, and I'm very pleased I did too!

For THE BIG ONE is a truly awesome undertaking and provides detailed "how to" info on just about every enterprise imaginable, as well as a few the "powers that be" would probably prefer we stay in the dark about - and which I can only presume were included to give the disk some unnecessary enhanced saleability. Nevertheless this so-called "forbidden" information is only a tiny portion of what is otherwise a very commendable compilation.

It is quite impossible to list all the useful reports contained in THE BIG ONE, many of which could be operated as successful home-based ventures in their own right or would form the basis for franchise operations, commission agencies, or "How To" publications. Here then is just a tiny sample of what is contained in THE BIG ONE:

Selling Local Goods Abroad
Running Your Own Travel Agency
Turning Your Computer Into a Money Making Machine
International Art Dealing
Marketing On The Internet
Driving For Profit
How To Take Control Of Companies With No Capital
Video Business
Success With Mail Order Catalogues
How To Make A Fortune With Self-Improvement Seminars
Running A Successful Import/Export Business
The Complete Guide To Casino Gambling
The Authoritative Internet Manual
Removing CCJs
Over 320 Money Secrets
Profits With Your Camera
Offshore Financing
Running A Profitable Pen Pal Club
Money From Your Micro
How To Win The Pools
Buying Property With Little Or No Money
Quick And Easy Ways To Make Money From Home
Offshore Financial Secrets
Become A Paper Millionaire - Quickly
Successful Marketing
How To Get Paid For Watching Television
How To Start Your Own University
Dancing For Profit
46 Ways To Get Money When You Are Broke
How To Make Money Without Leaving Your House
50 Idiot-Proof Ways To Make Money On The Net
How To Make A Fortune On The Internet
The Best 70 Cash Making Mail Order Dealerships
How To Legally Back Winning Horses & Dogs After The Result Is Known
Winning Methods For Bingo
Six Secret Formulas That Can Fill Your Letterbox With Cash
How To Win Contests
999 Little Known But Potential Profitable Money Making Ideas
The Best Kept Secrets Of Internet Marketing
16 Ways You Can Make Money
Collecting Things On Beaches And In The Woods

Many of the above reports, along with many others contained in THE BIG ONE, are currently on sale individually on disk or in "hard copy" at prices raging from $19.95 to $199.95 and more. With THE BIG ONE available complete with FULL REPRODUCTION AND RESALE RIGHTS, the profit-making opportunities available are virtually unlimited. Here are just a few of the ways you can make massive profits from the information provided:

Copy and sell on THE BIG ONE, as it is, for 100% profit each time;
Re-title and/or Repackage THE BIG ONE and sell it on as your own original product for 100% profit each time, or re-work it as a Network Marketing programme etc;

Sell on THE BIG ONE for huge profits while the publisher accommodates all your orders for you;

Start a profitable business, or any number of businesses, using the information contained;

Reproduce individual reports of your own choosing to start a Franchise Operation, MLM Programme, or Commission Agency, for one of the very many business ventures featured;

Sell individual Reports, or compilations, on disk or hard copy through mail order or on the Web;

Use the information provided to produce your own original Franchise Operations, Commission Agencies, MLM Programmes, Party-Plan Operations, Business Articles, Reports, Manuals or Compilations.

However, THE BIG ONE not only provides you thirty thousand reports - incredibly you get very, very much more! Please don't be put off by some of the following information which is rather technical in nature. For there is absolutely no need for anyone to become an "Internet Expert", or even to own a computer in order to make massive profits with THE BIG ONE. However, for the would-be Internet experts, it is hard to imagine a more comprehensive package to enable him to achieve this end, especially as direct contact with the publisher is available.

A COMPREHENSIVE E-MAIL PACKAGE: Ideal for people who want to "test the water" before spending hundreds of pounds on software and mailing lists. With this you will learn more in a single evening about the "ins and outs" of Direct E-Mail than were you to spend weeks searching around the Internet checking sites dedicated to Bulk E-Mail.

POSTAL MAILING LIST PACKAGE: Tens of thousands of names and addresses the publishers have collected and compiled over the last three years.

SOFTWARE: The publishers has specially collected a range of different full version and share-ware software packages for THE BIG ONE. These packages have been obtained to benefit anyone considering Home & Internet Publishing.

FREE INTERNET ACCESS An excellent opportunity for all purchasers of THE BIG ONE to get on-line with their businesses. Software provides FREE Internet access at local call rates.

ADDITIONAL BONUS: As an added bonus, we provide essential graphics, clip-art, true-type fonts, sample business letters, and more!

549 Sample Business Letters - Covers business topics such as Accounting, General Business, Employment, Legal, Ordering and Sales;
2,526 Clip-Art and Graphics - A huge package containing black-and-white and colour clip art and graphics for your brochures, web sites, and more;
100 True-Type Fonts - Why settle for Times New Roman, Arial and Verdana? This fascinating little collection will improve your next mailshot.

And this is just a sample of what is included on THE BIG ONE! I couldn't begin to calculate the total value of the Reports, Software and Mailing Lists provided although it must run to many hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. And of course the potential income that lateral thinkers can realise with THE BIG ONE is simply incalculable.

Having purchased the package with full reproduction rights from the publishers, we are able to offer this entire amazing product to you at the ridiculous "give-away" price of $39.95 - with full reproduction rights!

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