After reading this newsletter and the accompanying information listed on YOU too will be talking about all of the gifts and products located at our store for all occasion.

I want to thank our many customers for their continue patronage of our business because without YOU there is no us.  Also, I would like to extend a thanks to our daily visitors. 

It is my desire that you will find a vehicle that will take you to your destination. 

The ideas, thoughts, tips, plans, and more contained within our site is designed with YOU, the customer in mind.  I continue to add information that I feel will benefit all involved with doing business by mail, the internet, email and more. 

Some Money Makers Inside This Website:

Big Mail Wanted

You will find no "Get Rich Quick", "Overnight" Plans, etc. here.  Sorry, there are too many others catering to that market.  I rather enjoy the customers who have continued to support these endeavors.


This is Webmaster LeRoy, a/k/a "Dr. Male Order".  I want to thank you for viewing

There has been alot going on and all for your viewing pleasure.  Our aim, goal, and desire is that all of the countless hours we have done recently will payoff handsomely for YOU, our customer.

Judging from the feedback from those who were fortunate to take a sneak peak at our store we are on to something BIG BIG and we want you along for the ride.  So please while you are reading this take a moment to click here and sign up [it's FREE] to be included on our exclusive in-house opt-in email list [that will never be sold at any price].

Only the names on this list will receive special prices on the 3,000 or more products and services listed in our store.

Webmaster Note:

I have decided to shut down the mail order/direct mail portion of my business.  When I began this labor of love working from home, I focused on both the mail by the postal service and the exploding Internet [before it was "exploding"].  Now, after some long and hard thought to this process it has come time to end the mail order/direct mail portion and concentrate efforts exclusively for online.

What does this mean for YOU, the customer.  Well, for starters, it is assumed that you have Internet connection or else you wouldn't be reading this announcement and two very little mail will be delivered to your mailbox from us.

YES!  You can thank the postal service in a small way for this decision due to ever and frequent rate increases.  This webmaster didn't feel it was fair to increase the prices of some of his most profitable mail order products.  So now all products that have proven themselves as exclusive money makers for webmasterleroy and his customers are included here.  All others have been dropped.

I want to inform all readers that the decision to let go of this part of my business is hard for many reasons.  First because of all the great people I've met over the years that have become customers, partners, and many of you have become friends.  Now, with any transition or change we brace ourselves for losing some who will not switch to the Internet however, we invite you to expect all the wonderful treatment that Webmaster LeRoy has provided over the years and continual expansion via the World Wide Web.

Together we can and will prosper.

Please note that this is no small accomplishment and is owed all to GREAT CUSTOMERS like YOU!

- Thanks Webmaster LeRoy

I don't normally surf the web, however, recently I had the pleasure to do such a thing and want to tell all readers that this website is an excellent BARGAIN for your money.  Type in any of the following in the search bar listed below:

Webmaster LeRoy
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The above appears numerous times on all of the following search engines.  [try it yourself].  Then type in YOUR NAME if your does not come up then you should understand the benefit of advertising via this webmaster and its low [to YOU, the customer that is ] cost site.
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Where Do You Want To Go From Here?
"Leave Your Checkbook Behind"
We Accept Credit Cards
- Webmaster LeRoy -
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March 08
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