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Beef up your electronic catalogs, books and other information products with these reports.  Just about every home-based business related topic is represented here.  If you choose, you may type them into your computer and print them out and sell them individually.  Sell them as text files or other disk based book products.  Think of your own uses!  Use them to learn, then use them to earn.

If you are looking for the best method without the trial and error involved [and who isn't?] - continue reading and see that we have already done the work for you and you can select any or all of the custom made CD's that you wish to make money with.

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First of all let me tell you a little bit about myself so you'll get a good idea of how embarrassingly easy it could honestly be for you to potentially make a small fortune by simply copying and then reselling information on CDs or in print format.

My name is LeRoy McLaughlin aka Webmaster LeRoy and I've been very successfully selling information on CDs and in print form via mail order and now also online. I've been doing it for more than 25 years and let me tell you . . .


Anyone without any kind of formal business training or special skills of any kind can make a profitable living doing this business.  Even if you barely graduated from high school and didn't go to any college,  YOU still can do this.


One of the only thing that sets me apart from many others is that I started myself a little information selling business that I literally run from my bedroom computer which makes me more money in a month then most people make in six months to a year making someone else rich!

I do it all from the safety and comfort of my home.  NO!  This is not a part-time business for webmasterleroy [it can be for you if you choose], however I am loving the rewards that come along with FULL TIME  INCOME.  The choice of either full time or part-time is up to you.

The very good money I make has allowed me to do all the things that I truly enjoy. I must admit that I am a work a holic and therefore you will see me online alot by choice.  Much of this time is spent enjoying another rewarding endeavor of mine, playing for some and winning the lottery for me.  Rarely if ever will you find me just plain goofing off because I love the rewards that come with making $$$ from home and with my computer and YOU will too!

But it wasn't always that way for me, not even close! Before I ever realized and knew how outrageously profitable copying and reselling high demand information is, I had to take an emotionally and very financially draining learning course in the dreaded "Schools Of Hard Knocks"!

Anyone reading this ever attend this school?  Well, we are having a "class reunion" and for the participants of this round you will graduate to the head of your class financially.

For many years before I found success in the information selling business I basically threw away thousands of dollars that I didn't even have to begin with, and that I desperately needed to pay my bills with!
I lost thousands of dollars getting involved in MLM programs, trying out flea market ventures and also getting involved in many other "get rich quick" type programs, both online and offline, that simply didn't pan out. I was a bonafide hardcore "opportunity junkie" and I was getting nowhere fast!  However, I was hooked and convinced that this "selling information" was the key to my success and can be the key to your success.

The major difference between then and now is this . . . before I would buy a report, plan, or program here and there and it really did work.  However I did not have enough material, knowledge, and or money to keep it going.  Well, now after having thousands of programs and literally thousands of reports that are making me money, I slowly began compiling them onto individual cd's at first for convenience for me because then I wouldn't have to look here and there for the reports. 

Later, the compilations became sellable items for my customers who requested to me that they too had reports individually, however, they did not want to compile them on to cd's themselves.  So what began as a small service to help others has grown into a full-fledge business with hundreds of money-making cd's.

Why do I tell you this . . .?  Because just maybe YOU do not want to compile your own collection of individual reports, or you don't want to buy anymore individual reports [and I can't blame you since its cheaper to buy the reports here already compiled than many places online and through the mail are charging for these same reports and cd titles]. 

In the "old days", I was just bouncing around and slaving away from one crappy low paying job to another crappy low paying job working long hours that seemed would never end and having to put up with crappy bosses to add insult to injury. Sound familiar to you?

I did it all! For many years I worked retail.  Temporary Help Labor jobs, I did that too.  Going way back... I even did fast food joints.  I've been way at the bottom of the ladder before and it used to drive me mad with jealously and make me green with envy when I read about others making a killing from home!

I used to hate having to take orders from power trippin' people that I wasn't necessarily fond of that also didn't appreciate me or fairly compensate me for my hard work! I was very determined and borderline obsessed in changing my pathetic financial situation and after many failed attempts at "The American Dream"... I finally did it!

I guess being stubborn sometimes does pay off because I never did give up on my dream to someday, somehow to be financially independent where I would never again have to rely on a measly paycheck from someone else so I could put food on the table and a  shirt on my back! Just the memories of it makes me cringe really bad!

I now make an incredibly good stress-free income from home by simply duplicating CDs and reselling each one of them for up to 4,000% PROFIT and more! YOU CAN DO IT TOO! It's so easy I even taught my elderly mother to do it, and she does in order to supplement her monthly social security check.

On any given day it normally takes me two to four hours to process and ship my CD orders of the day leaving me the rest of the evening free to play and have fun. I love taking my family to the drive-in!

On a very good day I'll sometimes get up to a couple dozen CD orders from all over the world but mainly from the United States! At an average of $29.95 per order you do the math! Not too shabby for one day's worth of work, don't you agree?

With a little time and effort you could probably do just as much as me or more. Maybe much, much more! Here's the good part...

It's all up to you baby and that's the beauty of it! You decide how much you want to make based solely on your effort and time you spend on it! Isn't that great? The only limiting factor in your earning potential is YOU! The sky is truly the limit.

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You're your own boss and you decide your goal!

If you're serious about it you can do it but it will indeed take some time and some effort in your part! Everything worthwhile in life takes some time and effort no matter what some lazies may say.

The information selling business is a multi-billion dollar a year industry and it's only getting better. Much better! The demand for good information is global and people will gladly pay YOU big money for information that fills their needs!

You could soon be running all the way to the bank and laughing at how simple it was for you to duplicate and mail a CD at a total cost to you of less than a measly buck and then reselling it for $19.95, $29.95, $49.95, all the way up to $99.95 each... over and over again!

It almost makes me feel a little bit greedy sometimes because that's exactly what I do on a daily basis and I sure do love the financial freedom and easy money it generates for me and my family.

When I said, it's the next best thing for non-Einstein's to legally printing piles of fresh money,
I wasn't kidding buddy!

The ways you can make some serious cash from the information in these CDs is endless! You can group reports of similar topics together and resell them as manuals, you can also sell single titles and applications or you can simply duplicate the entire CDs in full and resell them for whatever price the market will bare!

Many of the ebooks and applications in these CDs include built-in self extracting website files for you to start selling them online right away! All of the hard work has already been done for you.

Some of the same CDs in this collection have been sold and are still selling for up to $99.95 each through the mail and all over the internet! You'll get these very same CDs from me at only a small fraction of their original prices!

I'm constantly adding new CDs to my collection. Many of these CDs are brand spanking' new and ready to make some folks who jump on the easy opportunity to sell them a very nice, big fat stack of crisp new Benjamins... super fast!

So are ya gonna just DO IT already or are ya gonna stay on the sidelines lookin' in & whinin' like a baby 'cause you're losing out?

It just doesn't get any easier than this my friend! If I can do it, you best believe you can do it too! No but's and or if's about it! Where else can you get this type of mind boggling return for your tiny investment?

Think about it for a minute! It costs me about 27 freakin' CENTS to burn a CD + less than a dollar for postage... and it only takes me on average of about ten to maybe fifteen minutes of my time. I make between $20.00 and $40.00 for every ten to fifteen minutes I work!

How much do you make for every ten minutes of your time that you work slaving away to make someone else rich? I'm willing to bet 99.9% of people out there don't even make that much in an hour!

The bottom line is if you have a computer with a CD burner, a printer, a few extra hours a day and a just a little ambition.

If you don't have a computer, CD Burner, or a printer or you just don't want to use your own make your selection from our complete list of CDs available and then we can discuss how I will do all the work and you make the $$$.


What are some topics of interest to you? Any ideas on who and where you might find tons of people also interested in this subject that will gladly pay you for that information?

If you can answer these simple questions then I've got a CD with your name on it! It's that simple! You're already in business pal!

Check out my other complete list of CDs available, you're bound to find at least a few of them that catch your interest and contain information that you can learn and profit from!

Just imagine for a moment the many ways your sudden financial abundance will change your life and the lives of your loved ones for the better. But you surely already know this will never, ever happen in a million years unless you take some action!

Remember... the world belongs to the doers and not the dreamers or tire kickers! Stop procrastinating and do something about it already 'cause you're not getting any younger and the bills are still comin'!

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to finally take control of your destiny by starting your own immensely profitable information selling empire making the kind of money that you now know you're so close to attaining... OR are you going to waste your life away waiting in line for a lottery ticket and other nonsense?


"Continue Doing What You Been Doing . . . And You Will Continue To Get What You Been Getting"
- Webmaster LeRoy -


"For Less Than The Price Of A Cheap Lunch"

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