Don't "Sink Another Dollar " Until You Find Out the . . . DO'S AND DON'TS
"I Have Been In This Crazy Business For Over 50 Years . . So I Might Just Know A Thing Or Two!"
Irwin L. Alex
A Clean, Well-Written Copy Makes A Winning 1st Impression!
Do you have a sincere desire to succeed in your own mail order or internet business?  If your answer is YES, then it will pay you to read on. . .
If you are like most people -- wanting to 'HIT IT BIG" in the exciting mail order business, you are probably selling someone else's product - using their advertising material.  Can money be made this way?  The answer is yes - HOWEVER - there are some vital ingredients necessary to make really BIG MONEY in mail order.

DON'T:  Use scotch tape.  It's plain messy! 
DO:  Use post-its instead

DON'T:  Use staples either!  They're equally destructive.

DO:  Stuff your envelope!  When mailing a one-page letter, thicken the envelope with a strip of cardboard so Postal machines won't crumple it.  What an awful way to lose money!  I've received many envelopes that have been damaged through the mail that way!  It's also useful to include cardboard when paying utility bills too!

DO:  Include stamps!  When sending a request to a mail order dealer, always include one or two stamps for the information you're requesting or there's a good chance your request will be overlooked or ignored!

DO:  Include the ad!  When answering an ad, include the ad or at least a copy so the dealer will know what you're requesting.  Dealers very often have hundreds of ads so they need you to be specific.

DO:  Read all ads commpletely!  Some folks don't pay attention to what the ad says.  If it says CASH, it means green stuff . . . not check or money order.

DO:  Use a return address!  Use a name stamp or address labels.  if you don't use a return address, most folks assume it's junk and/or illegal and won't even bother to open it!

DO:  Use #10 envelopes!  Only novices use the small ones.

DO:  Use scales to weigh your mail.  Generally, five sheets of #20 bond weight paper will take a 39 cent stamp.  Keep postcard stamps on hand for those odd times when you have heavier envelopes to mail.

DO:  Acquaint yourself with USPS MEDIA MAIL.  Most folks have never heard of it!  Up to one pound is only $1.50 and up to two pounds for $2.07, up to three pounds for $2.55, and up to four pounds for $3.03.  It's great to use 9 x 12 envelopes too. . . but seal them with a strip of packaging tape.  Strapping tape is the best!

DON'T:  Use postcards.  They are a waste!  I generally trash everyone I get.  Use letters to advertise . . . they're much more professional!

DO:  ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE!!!  If you don't . . . how will everyone know what you have to offer?

DO:  Get BIG MAILS and learn all you can!  I offer a 1lb 9 x 12 mail for $8 (cash) or one book of stamps.  My Beginner's Kit sells for $5 or send along a copy of this ad and I'll mail you both BIG MAILS for $10 (cash or money order only).

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Webmaster LeRoy
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