Oprah Winfrey is a powerhouse!  She can make an obscure book into a best seller.  When she plugs a product, it can becvome an overnight sensation.  So, when Oprah says, "Child Shield U.S.A. was started to prevent children from becoming missing and to help find them" you have a national celebrity commenting on your company.  She has even had the founder of the company on her program!  Child Shield U.S.A. offers you a great opportunity to earn an incredible income while offering parents the highest level of child protection available.  Imagine your market-nearly 2,000,000 children are lost, kidnapped, missing or run away every year!  Find out more by calling toll freee
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The purpose of classified advertising is to reach as many people as possible at a low cost.  of course you will want to get loads of people to answer your ad.  With classified advertising, you will most likely pay for each and every word in your ad so it is important, you do not want to cut the number of words down so much that your ad is hard to understand or makes no sense.  It may cost a little more but make sure you get your point across.  One of the best ways to get people to answer your ad is to make good use of teh word FREE.  It is a very powerful word in advertising.  If you can't give them something for nothingm make sure you ask for as little as possible.  maybe a self addresed stamp envelope or just a stamp.  Maybe a dollar to cover shipping and handling.  Remember the more money you ask for in a classified ad, the less answers you will get.  You can make classified advertising work and be profitable for you if you do it right.
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Sell Yourself First To Makee More Sales!
(c) 2007 by Bob Osgoody

How many E-mails do you get promising great riches or fantastic buys and you have absolutely no clue who sent it?

Many of the return E-mail addresses are forged, and you have no possible way to respond to their offer.  Despite the Federal Anti-Spam Bill, which became effective january 1, 2004, and set requirements for commercial e-mail, including opt-out provisions and valid postal addresses, many spammers are disregarding the law.  They may give you a toll free number to call, where you will probably get a highly hyped recording, or you may get a Post Office Box to submit your application and payment.

What is missing from this picture?

They are!  The majority of people are pretty cautious.  If someone jumped out of a dark alley and offered to sell you a "Rolex" for twenty bucks, you would probably just continue walking.

What makes people think the Internet is like a magic carpet, where all you have to do is make some type of outlandish offer, and people will flock to you with their wallet wide open?

It doesn't work that way folks!  if you expect people to deal with you, they must be able to identify with you and/or your company.  If your company is not well known, they must be able to identify with you.

Remember the old saying - "Sell yourself first".  When people are comfortable with you, the rest is easy.  But how do I do this "you might ask".

There are a number of ways and the web actually makes it easy.  Put a picture of yourself on your website with a short bio and contact information.  If a person knows how to get in touch with you in case of a problem, it makes their purchasing decision a lot easier.

Just this week, being in the market for some flat screen monitors, I found a seller on eBay who was selling them at highly discounted price.  he didn't accept credit cards or PayPal, and wanted a certified check prior to shipment.  he also didn't have any history of selling on eBay and had a free email account - yeah sure.

Tell people how you help your customers and the successes they have had.  Let them know how they need the benefits of your product or service.  This is the kind of information that will build confidence in your customers and prospects.

A lot of people are reticent to give contact information on the web.  They're afraid they'll get crank calls, or people will find out where they live.  A real concern?  I don't think so.  There are ways around these types of problems.

I have a second telephone line that forwards the call to voice mail during non-business hours.  I also keep the "ringer" on low.  While I can hear it in my office, I'm not bothered if it rings at night.

Many places in the country don't have home delivery of their mail available, and a PO BOX is their actural address.  A PO Box is not ideal, but will be acceptable if a telephone number is provided.

Before you try to sell anything on or off the web, rember to sell yourself first, and you won't be "missing from this picture."


Four Ways To Be A Better Business Person

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Grouping Saves Time
(c) 2007 by Bilie Pike

What do computer entry, filing, reciving phone calls, copying, faxing, supply ordering, envelope stuffing, order filling, inquiry answering, and updating exsponsible for completing!

These are examples of activities that you can complete more quickly if you group like activities together.

Do you make a lot of phone calls?  Do them all at a certain time of day.  If you can, use an answering machine or voice mail to handle incoming calls.  Listen to all your messages, gather any information you may need and make/return all calls during a predetermined block of time.

Do you use a copy machine alot?  If it's near your work space, it may be quicker to use it as needed.  But if it is in another building, down the hall, or even just across the room try making only 1 or 2 trips a day.  Have a box labeled "to be copied" on your desk.  Anything that needs to be copied goes in the folder (or box).  Once or twice a day, grab your folder (or box) and head for the copy machine.

You can do the same for the fax machine.  And, if you combine these trips with trips to the coffee pot or bathroom, you'll save even more time!

Remember, anytime you can group like activities together, you'll save time.

Stopping Advertising To Save Money
Is Like Stopping Your Watch To Save Time!


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