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Titles currently available are:

"It's inevitable. There will be another attack. We will not be able to stop it. I wish I could be more optimistic."
~ FBI Director Robert Mueller

"September 11 is beginning to seem like an event akin to the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914, which sparked World War I. In this case, the terrorists' attacks might be the beginning of a third world war… There's no escaping it, and the lurid truth of… terrorism is that everybody's a target. Welcome to the new world order."

~ Norah Vincent, Foundation For The Defense Of Democracies

Dear Friend and Fellow American,

As I flipped through the pages of the most recent edition of TIME Magazine, my heart sunk in horrible realization of the fact that these are terrible times we live in.

I'm the last person to live in fear. In fact, quite the opposite. I've got a great hope for this powerful Nation of ours. I see a future bright future for America. There's no doubt this is still the greatest country on the planet Earth.

But nonetheless, we're faced with a new, changed America... One where the threat of suicide bombings, biological and chemical warfare, and even nuclear attacks -- that used to be only read about in history books -- are a real part of our daily lives.

Think you're safe? I wish it were so... But think again... According to our Vice President Dick Cheney, attacks on America are...

"Not A Matter Of If, But When!"

According to the Vice-President, we're sitting on a time-bomb waiting to explode (no pun intended). Other senior intelligence officials are echoing his concern...

"If the press got a hold of every warning that went from law enforcement to law enforcement, the country would be petrified."
~ Senior White House Official Speaking On Condition Of Anonymity

"The [recent] arms deal signed in Moscow calls for both sides [US and Russia] to cut nuclear weapons by two-thirds... The two sides are required only to store the retired warheads, not destroy them. Given the state of Russian Nuclear security, the idea of thousands of nuclear warheads lying around in unsecured facilities should give [President] Bush the willies... Those who seek nuclear material for dirty bombs or suitcase bombs must be salivating."
~ Trudy Rubin, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"... A classified Pentagon Report estimated [today] that up to 12-MILLION PEOPLE would die and another 6-MILLION PEOPLE would be injured in the first weeks of a war involving nuclear weapons..."
~ Drew Brown and Michael Dorgan, Knight Ridder Newspapers
writing about the impending war between India and Pakistan

If you think America still has nothing to be worried about, check out this report out of Washington on May 31, 2002:

"The government plans to resume making plutonium triggers for nuclear warheads and is beginning design work on a manufacturing plant."
~ The Energy Department

I'm not sure what the United States is doing resuming the creation of Plutonium Triggers for Nuclear Weapons -- if the FBI, the CIA, and other Intelligence Agencies don't see a clear and present threat on America...

Before I go any further... You must know that I pray to God that nothing like this ever happens. I pray every day that our military and intelligence personal do whatever it takes to strike down terrorists worldwide.

But I'm also a realist. I realize that it's probably true that future attacks are inevitable. After all, the Vice-President, the FBI Director, and Senior White House Official that made these statements all know more about our War on Terror than I do.

And I also know that this is a war that may never officially be declared. We may indeed fight this "war on terror" for many years to come -- without ever getting an offical Declaration of War from our United States Congress. (By the way, congress is the only U.S. body that can declare war; it's not the president's job.)

Anyhow, as I flipped through my TIME Magazine, it became more apparent to me that I must do something to protect my family. And the best way to protect is to be informed. Knowledge is POWER, as they say.

In this current War on Terror, having the information you need should be Priority #1. Gas Masks and Bomb Shelters will only take you so far... But knowledge is power. That's why I've prepared...

"The Anti-Terrorism Family Protection" eBook

This powerful eBook contains over 10,000 pages of valuable information that can help protect your family today -- and in the future.

Here's just a small sample of what you'll find inside the Anti-Terrorism Family Protection eBook:

* "How To" Guide To Bioterrorism.
* How To Protect Your Family From Biological Weapons.
* How To Protect Your Family From Chemical Weapons.
* How To Recognize Germs And Germ Warfare.
* How To Recognize Anthrax.
* How To Recognize Smallpox.
* How To Recognize Plague.
* How To Recognize Viral Fevers.
* HOw To Recognize Toxins.
* Delivery Methods Commonly Used.
* How To Detect Symptoms.
* What Equipment To Use.
* Complete Guide To Nuclear Terrorism.
* Complete Guide To Radiation Terrorism.
* Military Manuals and Federal Documents On Terrorism.
* Emergency "How To" Plans.
* Protective Procedures.
* Medical Treatments.
* Survival "How To" Info.
* And so much more. Over 10,000 pages in all!

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