Where Will You Be 5 Years From Today?
Financially Speaking By: Webmaster LeRoy

Dear Reader,

Prosperity doesn't come about by chance.  Prosperous people share something in common with each other.  They share a common attitude or "method of thinking."

Studies have been done on people who have won large sums of money in lotteries.  And, what those studies have shown is that most people who receive large sums of money, without working for it, are back to their same financial level within a few years.

If you have a "poverty consciousness" or a consciousness of "lack and limitation" you will literally spend yourself into poverty if you have too much money.  You will spend whatever you have in order to get back to your "comfort zone."

Take all the money away from a millionaire, who has the consciousness of a millionaire today, and within a short time he or she will be a millionaire again.  Riches are created from the mind, not from the pocketbook, the bank account or the investment.  These are effects, not the cause.  The cause is always an idea or belief.

The purpose of this website, webmasterleroy.com and its adjoining store is to help you to develop an attitude of abundance so that prosperity will become something that you will be "comfortable" with.

Please remember our days are comprised of a series of choices from the time the alarm clock goes off in the morning (Do I get up, do I hit the snooze button, or do I shut the alarm off and forget the whole thing?) to the time we hit the sheets at night.  Most of these choices are affected by two commodities that always seem to be in short supply - time and money.  if you don't think so, consider you next vacation.  If time and money were not factors, where would you go?  How long would you stay?  It certainly would be fun to plan that trip?

Unfortunately, the experts say that most of us spend more time planning a vacation than we do planning our future.  Where we are today is a result of choices we have made in the past.  Where we will be in the future will be result of the choices we make today.

You can be assured that success will not attack you nor will you stumble across it by accident.  What your future will hold for you is the result of a plan and begins with a decision concerning what you would like for it to hold for you.  If you had the choice, would your life be different?  What would you change?  Would you like to have more time with the people you love?  Would you enjoy more travel?  (The fun kind - not the work kind.)  Would you change where you live, what you drive, the amount of the check you write to your favorite charity?  Would you wife retire?  Would all the bills be paid?  Would you have less useless pressure?

So how do you end up where you would like to be?  Start with a goal or an objective and then find a vehicle that can take you there.  Needless to say you must put in some effort to be successful at anything, but consider your present vehicle - your job or your occupation.  Are you paid what you are worth for your time?  Will that change dramatically in the next five years?  Is your income affected by things you can't control (e.g. liability insurance, fluctuations in supply and demand that influence the marketability of a product like real estate or oil, interest rates)?  Do you have security of income beyond your present ability to perform?

What you are about to see is simply a vehicle that can take you from where you are now to where you would like to be in the future.  It might be for you - it might not be.  You probably won't want to do it, but the potential results are what will get your attention.  What type of results would make you do something that you really don't want to do?  What makes you go to work everyday?  Even if you really enjoy what you do for a living; it's a safe bet there are some days you would just as soon go fishing - but you don't because you take pride in what you do and who you are because you are interested in the results, the reward.  The reward, however, will rarely be proportionate to the effort unless you are the boss.

Find a vehicle that will give you the results that you desire, then work to turn your hopes and dreams into reality.